About Decold

'Decold' is a new and exciting online shop stocking brand name, high technology gadgets and accessories in the UK.

Established in 2012 Decold is based in London. We are a fresh, open minded and ambitious team with years of experience in the market from around the world. We decided to take our own path to create a website with the best selected products on the market to consumers and businesses.

Our products

Decold.com is mainly focused on brand name products that offer an exclusive combination of elegance, sophistication, high product quality, advanced technology and state of the art design to those who enjoy a more contemporary lifestyle. Its product range includes hi-tech gadgets such as ation camearas, phone cases, data storage which include external hard drives, USB flash drivers as well as peripherals such as keyboards, webcams headsets speakers and accessories such as tablets sleeves docking stations and more.

Our service

We offer a convenient and secure e-shopping service for only the finest goods. Decold.com is focused on helping customers get the best products at the best price.

Our dedication to ensuring our customers save maximum time and money is why we created our website capable of helping customers choose the right products, check availability, check pricing reviews and securely manage their own shopping experience from log in to check out. Decold.com offers an empowering self service approach that keeps customers coming back again and again.