ROCCAT Arvo Compact Gaming Keyboard, UK Layout (ROC-12-523)




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The Only Keyboard Featuring Macro Keys For The Thumb
More space on the desktop without the need to forgo all the usual functions. This and a whole lot more besides is offered by the compact ROCCAT Arvo. It's the first keyboard to offer a gaming mode integrated into the numpad and unique thumbster keys. These three extra keys can be assigned macros or the practical timer function, which can't be found on any other keyboard on the planet.

Size Matters
It's no coincidence that the ROCCAT Arvo is part of the ROCCAT Smart Desktop Management System. In contrast to other keyboards, it only has a tiny desktop footprint. As a result, neither the mousepad nor mouse will get in your way - plus optimum use is made of the gaming zone. The Arvo is perfect even for arrow key gamers, who prefer to position their keyboards diagonally to the monitor and mousepad, as it doesn't collide with the monitor or hang over the edge of the desk.

Dual-assignment Num Pad
You don't have sacrifice anything with the ROCCAT Arvo. The smaller size has been achieved simply by combining the numpad and arrow-key pad. This means that it has all the usual keyboard functions, yet it takes up considerably less space. It's easy to switch between normal and gaming mode simply by pressing the mode switch button. In gaming mode the arrow keys are illuminated in blue which means gaming even in the dark isn't a problem. What's more, two additional, freely programmable macro keys are available which are positioned for optimum access to the left and right of the arrow keys.

Unique Thumbster Keys
You'll find three further macro keys positioned beneath the spacebar. These can be individually programmed and can be easily operated using the thumb without being pressed accidently. At last, there’s something new for your thumb to do apart from just hitting the spacebar. From now on you can cast healing or attack spells with your thumb. Another unique function is the ROCCAT Timer which allows the time it takes for special items to revive to be timed to perfection in many games. The ROCCAT Timer can be executed, paused or stopped to within a fraction of a second.

Perfect Keystroke
It's not just its compact design that makes the ROCCAT Arvo the perfect gaming keyboard. It also has an unusually positive keystroke. Because of their optimum height, keys can be pressed with particular precision. Being of medium height means they're not just comfortable for typing; they also offer a perfect pressure point.

Integrated Metal Plate
The Arvo is as good as indestructible thanks to the integrated metal plate. It forgives those little temper tantrums during gaming, and the thump on the edge of the desk that frequently ensues, without so much as a murmur. The rugged metal plate also means it's perfectly weighted and therefore exceptionally stable. Furthermore, the perfect gaming height can be achieved by folding out the lock-on keyboard legs which cling to any surface like little suction cups thanks to their non-slip coating.

- Compact design, creates optimum gamespace
- Mode switch button, for switching between Num Pad function and Gaming Mode
- 3 programmable thumbster keys, easy to reach with your thumb
- 2 additional macro keys, for individual keyboard commands
- Macro manager, create complex command sequences
- Anti-ghosting capability, for simultaneous keystrokes
- Medium-height keys, with an optimum keystroke response and perfect pressure point
- High durability, with robust metal base
- 6 illuminsted status keys, directional keys, mode switch button and Caps Lock key
- Key deactivation, for disabling Windows, Menu, Caps Lock and Tab keys
- Ultra effective non-slip base, with special lock-on keyboard feet for a comfortable gaming height

Technical Specification 
- Compact Keyboard Layout with 97 Keys
- 1000Hz polling rate
- 197cm USB cable, cable diameter: 3mm
- Keyboard Size: Maximum width ca. 14cm x ca. 39cm length

System Requirements 
- Windows XP/Vista/Vista64/Windows 7
- USB 1.1 Port
- CD-ROM Drive

Package contents 
- ROCCAT Arvo Compact Gaming Keyboard
- Inari Case Mission Book with ID Card
- ROCCAT Arvo Driver CD incl. Manual (PDF)
- Quick Install Guide


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ROCCAT Arvo Compact Gaming Keyboard, UK Layout (ROC-12-523)

ROCCAT Arvo Compact Gaming Keyboard, UK Layout (ROC-12-523)


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